Point of Sale Terminal: The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying One

Planning on buying a Point of Sale terminal or POS terminal? Here are the most important things you need to keep in mind!

When the budget is tight, having a good plan is always helpful. In this competitive environment, it is perfectly understandable why so many businesses look at the price of Point of sale terminals first. It is a normal thing for you to do, however, you need to keep in mind that there are other things that you need to consider as well.
Just like the wide range of industries and niches the POS Software are used in, they come in a variety of types, options, and capabilities. The Pos terminals are a combination of hardware and software that is quite different from the traditional cash registers. Searching for and finding the right combination of elements is the key to successfully manage your business, keep your customers happy, and increase your sales. The most important Point of Sale terminal is the one that will help you run your business company the way you want to.

It is no secret that every business is different in its processes and needs, however, a well planned POS system terminal can be made to work for absolutely any business type. The first thing you need to do before you decide to purchase a Point of Sale terminal is to determine your specific needs. There are a few questions that will help you determine your needs:

  • What type of business company do you running?
  • How many transactions will you conduct per day?
  • Do you need to conduct transactions via smartphones?
  • Will you need to process credit and debit cards?
  • Will you need to manage appointments?
  • How many stations will you need?
  • Do you need multiple stores to be connected and linked together?

Knowing exactly how you will be using the Point of Sale terminal and what functions you need, will help you identify the right combination of hardware and software for the specific business you are currently running.

There are two really important things you need to keep into consideration when purchasing a POS Terminal:

Determining Durability: There are various methods for determining the durability of the terminal. One method is to have an IT team check whether the terminal is composed of commercial grade or consumer grade material. The commercial grade costs more, but it is definitely a good investment. The consumer grade materials are not designed to endure the exhaustive usage and they are less expensive, when compared to the commercial grade systems as they don’t require the materials and workmanship of business machines. They are not designed to withstand the competitive environment or commercial grade system. The plastic terminals are okay for consumer usage, however, they are a little bit problematic for business.

The Real Price:

Cost is one of the most important issues for businesses that are planning technology improvements. Some may approach the upgrade with a specific price point. However, the budget planning that is based on acquisition expenses only, overlooks some other elements that may have budgetary consequences such as long-term and maintenance cost of ownership. Point of Sale terminals that have a tendency to crash or break down become a huge drain on your budget. You need to be able to determine the real price of the terminal and decide whether or not it is suitable for your budget.

Keep in mind these two factors when purchasing your Point of Sale terminal. Also, pay closer attention to the warranties and insist on a warranty protection.

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