Using a Mobile Credit Card Reader

Using a Mobile Credit Card Reader

If you are conducting business activities in the field, you must find a way to process credit card payments outside your business premises. In case you are not interested in finding a solution, your potential customers will turn to your competition. The good news is that you can solve this problem with a mobile credit card reader. But, before you opt for the first credit card reader you can find, it’s good to do some research because not all of these readers are the same.

For starters, you should decide whether the credit card reader provides swipe or chip options, The best idea is to stick to the ones that can provide help in both cases. The majority of credit cards today have chips, but some of them can be processed by swiping the stripes. The best card readers have both options.

Business owners should not forget that credit card readers require a certain processing fee. So, every sale you make comes with a small charge. What’s interesting is that businesses are usually paying more on transactions when they have to write down the credit card number in the system.

Furthermore, we should mention that most credit card readers today have so-called chargeback protection. It turns out that this is not an uncommon kind of consumer fraud. In a situation like this, the customer buys something online with their card and they reject the purchase later which leads to a chargeback. The most popular credit card reader providers will provide top-notch chargeback protection.

Security should be a major concern for every business. It can be very tricky when you are accepting credit card payments through your tablet or smartphone. If you want to increase the security level and help clients understand that your business is perfectly safe for credit card users, you must opt for a credit card reader that is PCI compliant. This is an industry standard nowadays and a clear sign that your business is protected.

In the end, let’s mention that most credit card readers today are providing a point of sale applications for mobile devices that will handle sales analytics and data on their behalf. This is something that can simplify your business activities.

Check a few popular credit card readers and analyze their features. Choose the one that matches your unique needs and requirements. In any case, an investment like this is worth the money.

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